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“Elaine is an extremely talented marketing professional. Her insights and instincts developed over the last 35 years experience certainly shine through in her approach to marketing your business. She is proficient in developing a strategy for your company to make a lasting impression. She is a trusted and valued resource for us.” Todd Hanaway

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Breaking News: Local Search, Mobile Marketing and New Google Changes that affect all businesses on the web:

 Do you know that Facebook Tops Google and Local Results Changed!

The web of yesterday has now aspired to the technology of the Wireless web. We enjoy our modern Smart Phones and GPS devices geographically positioned to where you are at this very minute. Do you realize we are experiencing is the biggest marketing breakthrough since the invention of the printing press?

What if we can tell you how your business fits into the picture of Google’s local search, mobile marketing, and Social Media marketing? These new changes in Google affect ALL businesses Small and Large.
A 15 minute Consultation could literally be GOLD to You!

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Marketing Mobile USA has developed a suite of services for small local businesses. Visit Local Places Dominator for more information. What if we can optimize your Business to Show up on Google maps, GPS devices and smart phones?  Would that be awesome? It’s the Present wave in marketing. Act NOW! Don’t let your business fade into the sunset!  Call 1-916-501-1005.

 Social Media 

FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn are all the rage, but why is it important to you?  It is of value to you because according to the search engines, Social Media has a higher value in ranking than your regular website.    Depending on your type of business, there are ways of utilizing Social Media and Web 2.0 to harness the Power of their unique properties.  Click to find out more

Full Service Marketing Firm

Join the cutting edge Internet Marketing Firm. Marketing Mobile USA help you strategize to the growth of your company from concept to execution. Leave the testing of the latest technology to us. Our team tests it, uses it and then implements it on your sites.

Call for a consultation. You may be surprised with the knowledge you gain.

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Search Engine Optimization

Just because you have a website, doesn’t mean that you will be found among the millions of other websites! Of the millions of websites (yes, I said millions) how can yours be shown on the first pages of Google? Do you know the right terms to enable you to rank #1? Do you know what keyword and other optimization to implement to get you to the top? Achieving this is an art.

We pride ourselves in having the skill set and tools to do this. Click to find out more.


Why do You Need Press Releases? Knowing that good press is more valuable than any marketing or advertising ever created, we value and incorporate this expression in our marketing. A third party reviewing or recommending a product or service is found more credible than the opinion of the person promoting it.

Some of the best brands were built with PR, not advertising. Look at Apple. Click to find out more.

Market Research

Do you know how important it is to do market research? To compete in the internet market we must be aware of what your competitors are doing. We research search terms used to find your type of business or service. We may need to send a survey to your current clients as well as our community.

Market Research increases the potential for your success,both online and offline. Click to find out more.


Our goal is to get the most from your marketing dollars. Through testing the various methods, we have achieved a methodology that has proven results.

The end result is spending our time analyzing the best methods to reach the ultimate exposure for our clients. Click to find out more.

Tracking Results

For you to be on the cutting edge of this technology, we track your results. Our technology includes analytics, tracking and recording the incoming calls to evaluate which websites and promotions are most effective.

Understanding these results gives you the edge you need in this economy. Click to find out more.